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Pre- Summer Travelling Guide

Now that it’s April and we only have a few more weeks of school ahead of us, many people have started planning their trips to places all around the work. So no matter whether you are visiting family in your birthplace or travelling in anticipation of a new cultural experience, a good Travel Guide is definitely necessary!


Pack light! I shouldn’t be the one saying this, considering I insist that I need to bring my entire closet along with me on every trip, but this small piece of advice can really help you out. In some European countries, 2 and 3 star hotels are not always accommodating with elevators. So, instead of having to lug three suitcases up four flights of stairs, it’s simply more convenient to pack light. Snacks, toiletries, and last minute supplies can always be purchased in the country you are visiting. Taking more clothing than you need will only make you spend more time deciding what to wear! So, this summer, I will definitely be listening to this advice.

Plan out Your Trip

While surprise adventures are always fun, you don’t want to waste too much time looking at travel guides and maps when you’re finally in the country you’re visiting. You want to make the most of your visit, so it’s better to plan out some key places you want to check out. If you have family or friends that have been there before, ask for advice on great eateries and sites. I assure you, these reviews will be more in-depth and truthful than anything you will find off of Yelp!

Enjoy the Experience

One of the things I regret of my trip to Greece last year is that I didn’t take enough pictures. Yes, I came home with >200 shots of my face next to some statue I don’t even remember the name of anymore. But what I missed out on is the dozens of fun moments spent with my friends; the late night trips to get gelato, and the games nights we created in our hotel rooms after a long day of travelling. Not just the sites are something to remember; the whole experience is. Don’t forget extra memory cards and chargers for your camera! The prices of these things are always hiked up near tourist sites, so to avoid the inconvenience, come prepared!

If you’re going somewhere this summer, comment below with the place and the expectations you have for your journey!

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