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Follow-up of Media in Today’s Culture

For those of you who remember my post a few weeks ago on how we’ve all lost touch with our true selves among the massive technological advances, here’s just a quick video I found that will move you to your  bones. It shows how much you miss when you’re looking down at a screen instead of up at the world.

Video on Technology Ruining our Relationships

Once you see this video, please leave comments on how it has affected you, and how you will try to change this epidemic of smart phones and dumb people from ruling the world we live in.

I personally was caught by surprise by this video. Although it is made quite obvious that we are basically controlled by our phones, iPads, and laptops, the extent to which it deprives us of human experiences that seem completely basic and normal are detrimental to our way of life. It takes an eye opener to really notice that, and I believe this video is exactly that.

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