Life in Queens (the Most Diverse Borough of the Most Diverse City in the World)

Conformed Behavior of Girls in NYC (and basically everywhere else!)

We live in a city where girls are taught at a young age that it is okay to verbally abuse others. When petty fights are started because of unrealistic rumors (even at the age of 5), adults tend to automatically divert their attention from it, saying, “Girls will be girls”. But where does this double standard come in? Why is it a problem when a physical fight is started, but verbal abuse is tolerated? We’ve come to accept that girls crying in the bathroom and facing humiliation at the cost of their friends is simply something under the norm. It’s normal to be singled out by friends, because “of course they will fight”.

If this is learned at a young age, the same people grow up to follow the same understanding. This understanding is, “In order to rise, you crush others”. It is seen in the work force, in white collar jobs and blue collar jobs alike. Instead of helping each other up, it is “human nature” to step on each other instead. New York City is not always the kindest city. While it holds the golden pot of opportunity, it doesn’t come free. So, if people are constantly facing being put down by other, shutting out important opinions without fully comprehending what the individual is saying, or hiding progressive ideas purely to avoid being put down, how will the people in this city grow as individuals?

The most common version of these types of misconceptions and arguments begin when someone who doesn’t even know an individual begins to form an inaccurate image of them in their minds. As they say, the first impression is the last impression, so this type of image sticks, and therefore, starts rumors. I can’t say that I haven’t been one to do this, but I’ve also been on the other side of it. It makes you think, “How often have I been a hypocrite?”, or “How much of the blame can be put on me?”.

Us “90’s kids” had experienced a wide range of T.V shows, movies, and media news that highlighted that this behavior is “okay”. “Mean Girls” exemplifies this with the constant humor found in situations that cause others to feel uncomfortable or belittled. It gives an image of what a popular girl should be like, and how to become that girl. Of course, young girls would strive towards this image and follow these “instructions”. Meg Cabot’s How to Be Popular connotes a popular girl as someone who parties all the time and is mean to others who aren’t “up to her level”, while remaining friendly to those who seem to be “worthy”.

Holiday’s in NYC!

Tis the season for all the New York fun! Come November, you know that the city will be lit up with tourists, special shows, and colorful lights all over. First off, New York City is one of the best places to do your post Turkey eating shopping spree! Black Friday is something that everyone looks forward to, and knowing that you won’t get taxed for your findings in Manhattan serves as an extra initiative boost. Special sales will be everywhere, but that’s not the only thing that money will be spent on. The Radio City Christmas Spectacular Show always is a huge hit, and the Rockettes’ have never looked better! Even better, Jingle Ball 2013 is showcasing all of this year’s greatest hits- Miley Cyrus, Mackelmore, Fifth Harmony, Selena Gomez, Robin Thicke, and so many more of the wonderful stars we all love to gossip of! For a hefty price, ranging from $109 to over $600, this once in a year experience could be yours! Of course, if you are in the city, there is no way you could possibly miss out on skating around Bryant Park with the lights from various skyscrapers shining about illuminating your experience. This week, the legendary Rockefeller Christmas tree has taken its place, rising above cheery tourists as the holidays approach. For all your Christmas shopping stress, there is simple relief with Toys R Us conveniently placed in Times Square, simply seconds away from your city get-away. Need something a bit more sophisticated? Dylan’s Candy Bar is somewhere that ensures a present for everyone you know. And now, everyone’s favorite holiday experience, date night! Go for a stroll in Central Park, get a carriage ride around Times Square, and finish off the day with dinner at Serendipity3, home to the $1,000 Golden sundae. After Christmas comes the all anticipated News Years! Get ready to camp out for a good spot for the celebration of a lifetime. Meet strangers from all over the country who have travelled to share the same experience as you! I think I’ve made it pretty clear that we live in one of the greatest cities in the world to spend the holidays in! So don’t make the mistake of missing out on this experience.

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