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“If you could go back to any time period, when are where would it be?”

We live in a world of material items. The 21st Century, where nothing matters but where you are. Everyone owns a computer, cell phone, iPod, and TV. We live in a world where playing games involve a handheld contraption, not going out into the sunshine. But thinking back to the 20th Century, I see what progress we have made. I have always wanted to live a life, whether it is for only a few days, in a world where we are not bothered by such technology.

Ever since I was about six years old, the life of Laura Ingalls Wilder amazed me (as you can tell from my past post). The way her family was always closely knit, and the way that they tried to make the most out of the least showed me that material items were not all that mattered; they actually mattered the least for Laura and her family. In the 1900’s, people didn’t have to worry about things like laptops, and cell phones. Everyone had time for their families, and even in the worst of times, you pulled through with the ones you loved. Living in 2014, I realize how I seldom I see my family. Something always comes up, whether it is work, a social life, or them being locked up in a room with a laptop and cell phone. The few minutes we are together during dinnertime are quickly consumed by the roaring of the television, and soon, everyone is gone into their own rooms.

If I were able to go back to any time period, I would choose the 1900’s. Although it is only a century ago, I am easily able to see the great changes between then and now. Through my childhood of reading “The Little House” books, I realized how important it is for our generation to place aside our electronics and close our eyes and realize how much we have been missing out on, simply due our everyday routines. Even if it is only for a few days, I would love to realize the fun in soaking in the sun all day, and coming home to a night of telling stories to your family about the great adventures you’ve had that day.

They say that ignorance is bliss. You may believe that back then, people were ignorant to what was going on around the world, WWI, the Great Depression. But, it truly is bliss to continue life with no worries. In today’s world, a simple click to the internet icon would lead to you finding out about the problems and worries everywhere. I would rather live in the 1900’s where bliss was achieved by simply living life the way it is.

The 21st Century has gone through much advance in technology, which is a good thing, but it also comes with demerits. Going back to the 20th Century would give me a chance to experience life without such high-leveled technology. If I could go to any time period, I would definitely choose the 1900’s.

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