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Public Transportation in NYC: Are Shuttles Necessary?

I was five years old the first time I took New York City’s MTA bus and subway. I still remember thinking how cool it was to look out the window and see the city I live in fly by. I felt grown up, surrounded by businessmen in suits talking rapidly in their cell phones. I felt as if I was one tiny piece of the puzzle that makes New York City. There are literally bus and subway routes taking you to any place in NYC with a 2-2.5 hour span. As New Yorkers, we are taught from an early age that, yes, you should run for the first open seat near you, but also to be considerate of the elderly and disabled when they board the bus.

One experience I had that made me realize how much NYC MTA has had an effect on me was on my trip to Greece. In Athens, they have a similar train program, and of course, us from NYC knew to run for the open seats and to place our tickets into the automatic scanner. I thought this was all common sense, until the students from Illinois  came on (mind you, they came in our group) and stopped with puzzled faces, wondering why they were unable to get a seat. Of course, there have been quite a number of mornings when I get agitated to an extreme with the MTA. When the Q88 is a half hour late, and I am most likely missing my first class, I say to myself, “I am going to go home and write a *strongly worded* letter to the MTA!” But even then, I know for a fact that the MTA is something that makes this city individualized. It is something that allows NYC residents to have individuality. I’m sure that there aren’t many places in the world where there are free shows coming to you, whether it be a card trick or a jazz performance, asking for change as a payment. You can’t get this experience elsewhere.

So what am I trying to prove here? Personally, I don’t believe that Queens College needs shuttle buses. My reasons for this, along with everything I’ve said above, is that I am already one of the hundreds of commuter students living over an hour away paying for a metro card.  The $115 monthly isn’t cheap, and adding another $40 per semester to pay for a shuttle that is not beneficial to me, nor necessary, is something that I simply cannot agree to. Also, many of the commuter students to QC drive- they have to pay for their parking permits as well as gas. I do not think they should be forced into paying for a service that they will not be using. Lastly, there are those that simply do not need to use the public transportation services frequently. A simple bus ride to Main street leading to the 7 train will get you into the city in just under $3.00.

Just my view!

So, if you disagree with me on this issue, let me know! Comment below and see what others have to say about this.

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