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Social Media In Today’s Culture

These days, it seems as if anyone and everyone can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. We define ourselves with the kind of pictures we post, and the number of likes we received on our last status. We have smartphones which we are constantly checking- whether we are in class, out to dinner, or about to sleep.

When did we become a society so ignorant to the real life and so dependent on the virtual life?

There was once a time when people were lucky to have cell phones: truly used for what they were made for, emergencies and only phone calls. Now, we have high tech phones which not only make calls, but also serve as our cameras, GPS’s, gaming device, internet access, and book reading device. With apps for basically everything, there is no reason, heaven forbid, to open up an actual dictionary to look up a word. There is no reason to go to the gym, because your fitness app tells you to do a certain exercise and even measures your accuracy. There is no reason to carry a key ring, because as now innovations advance, there are locks that are opened by the presence of your phone, and your phone can carry all the barcodes to every store card you own.

The way it may seem, this is great for society. It has made life easier for everyone and can keep people are their high speed movement.

But is it really without a cost?

What happened to the days when you would spend time to actually think about all the  important things you wanted to tell a friend who lived far away, and gathered your thoughts on pretty stationary? What happened to the feel of actual paper books in your hand, with the papers yellowing in the corners, showing that it has been used and resused? Whatever happened to the family nights gathered in the living room watching the latest Hollywood Blockbuster? Now, it seems as if the usage of Netflix, email, and e-readers have replaced some of the simplest pleasures of life.

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