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Fitness Around the World

I know that a lot of you guys most likely have a schedule for the week. Monday, Class, then Lunch, then Work, and then drop by the closest gym to fit in a workout before heading home. I find it that the way that Americans are constantly advised on health and fitness has made it all the more possible for us to battle some of the worst epidemics, such as overeating and obesity.

I am not one to say that it is completely mitigated from our country, but it is helpful to know that some of the commercials we see in the middle of the last basketball game we watched questioned the effects that the sodas we grab on to without a second thought have on our bodies. There are definitely some people who resent these types of commercials with extreme hated, with comments ranging from, “Who are they to question my preference of beverage?” to “Maybe they should just stick to the drunk driving commercials.”

Nevertheless, America is one of the more privileged countries- where most middle class citizens are able to afford gym membership to get in shape. In other countries world wide, people are using social terms, food, and even games to get fit.

Bangladesh is big on badminton. The majority of gyms and fitness centers in Bangladesh are expensive and basically reserved for the richer parts of the community. Badminton is one of those sports that can be played in almost any time of area, weather permitting. Therefore, a lot of people form teams within the village, and also use this as a way to get together.

Britain believes that food comes over all. The usage of healthier foods are well observed, and this is considered their daily fitness! After all, eating food sure exercises your internal organs.

Cairo, Egypt is specially interested in weight training and lifting. Even the poorest neighborhoods have run down gyms with the basic equipment needed to keep in shape, so no one has an excuse there!

In China, the concept of exercise has much less to do with actual fitness, but a lot to do with socializing. Street sports and dancing in parks is not only free, but quite enjoyable as well. They also believe that slapping themselves in areas with low circulation is good for them, so they aren’t so crazy to be hitting themselves!

As you can probably tell, people have different ways of staying healthy throughout the world. So feel free to adapt any of these wonderful ways of staying healthy from other countries. 🙂

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